Small Flour Milling Set

Flour Mill Sytle

small flour milling set

6KFY-10 Flour Milling System

The technological process is advanced and the output of cm.h is high. The screenroom adopts one sifter, one beater, two scourer, one stoner and one dampering. the purifer adopts two sets of 6KFY-35 style flour milling machine, four sets of reel separator and one set of air net, the structure is compact and nice appearance.

1. Manual of design:
With the development of world economy and acceleration of circulation of grain, the new situation of grain-processing have been taken on and the small-scale, low investment products have been welcomed by the vast village. So our plant decides to design a new and small-scale unit which can cater to the need of the current market.
6KFY-10 small scale flour milling unit, low investment and high efficiency, is a small complete set of flour milling equipment which can produce continuously. It is the epitome of the big unit and the design is principle, operation is simple, maintenance is easy and cover little area. The main feature is :
1) Two sets of mill can produce continuously and process the wheat 10 ton within 24 hours.
2) The flour can be adjusted according to the market's requirement, F1 flour, F2 flour and standard flour can be produced.
3) The covering area: LxWxH=6.6x3.8x3.5(m).
4) Power consumption low the state standard, the total power is: 26.5KW.
5) The tempering tank includes two parts, the size of each tank is: LxWxH=0.9x1.5x1.5(m).
The technological process is advanced and the output of cm.h is high, the screen room adopts on sifter, one beater, two scourer one stoner and one dampening. the purifier adopts two sets of 6KFY-35 style flour milling machinery, four sets of reel separator and one set of air net. the structure is compact and nice appearance.

2. The main technical targets:
1) Output: process 10T wheat within 24 hours
2) Extraction flour : when the quality of the wheat conform the stipulation of China GB1351-86 the volume weight is over 770g/L
F1 flour :60%
F2 flour 70%
standard flour: 78%
3) Quality of the flour: conform the stipulation of China GB1355-86 (wheat flour)
4) Total power: 26.5KW, the voltage: 380V;50HZ.
5) Water content: add 2-3 percent water to the wheat according to the water content of raw wheat.

3. The main equipment and technical process:

Item No. Name of equipment Specification Qty.
1 flour-milling machine 6KFY-35 two sets
2 fan 6-23NO-5C one set
3 fan 8-18NO-4A one set
1 reel separator 30 style four sets
1 stoner QS-40 one set
1 scourer 6NF-90 two sets
1 air-lock GFY-150 four sets
1 sliding separator 30 style one set
1 auger 150x1000 one set
1 beater 20 one set


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