Application of Flour Bag Packing Machine in Flour Mill

Flour bag packing machine is a complete set of system which includes weighting and packing. It is used for flour and other powder packing. It can ensure the feeding speed and feeding accuracy. This is a no hopper scale; the bag itself is a scale. It can overcome the buffer hopper problem, to ensure the measurement accuracy of the filling material. Using Chinese LCD controller to overcome the inverter noise sound interference on the impact of the controller, also it is convenient for users to operate the machine.

flour packing machine

Model Weighting range(kg) Speed(bags/hour) Error rate(‰) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
KM-AP-25 20-25 200-240 2 3.5 800*1060*2790
weighting and packing machine
Model Packing Specifications (kg) Packing Speed (bag/min) Packing Quality (g/bag) Power(kw) Air Pressure (Mpa)
DCS-5 0.5-5 8-12 ±5g 0.9  
DCS-10 5-25 4-6 OILMR61×(0.2) 2.2 0.4-0.65
DCS-25 15-40 3-6 2.2
DCS-50 25-80 3-4 2.2
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